Doll Up!

Cathy Doll Vit. E nail enamel *NEW* ($2.20)

  Photo: Such cute nail polish bottles! :) we have LIMITED in stocks for these right now! Grab the colours you like before they run out of stock! Would be getting more colours soon!

Currently only available in 4 colours: Pure White, Pretty Pink, Hot Red and Awesome Black

Cathy Doll Vit C Cookie Blusher *NEW* ($18)

This cute cookie blusher sounds sooooo yummy-licious! It was produced using a new technology that bakes the blusher colour with the powder to make the colour stays on your cheek for a longer period. This new product has the added benefit of vitamin C to help improve the skin condition. It will add a natural winter red tea colour to your cheek and the pearl extract will give you a naturally radiant look. 

Comes with a FREE cute blush puff!
(Available in two colours. Left: Petite Pink, Right: Winter Red Tea) 

Cathy Doll 2-in1 Liquid Eyeliner & Magic Mascara *NEW* ($18)

With a mascara on one end, and liquid eyeliner on the other, this would be the perfect thing to bring out anywhere. You would not have to care about bringing huge and bulky bags to fit your makeup when going out on a date night.
Eyeliner is smudge-proof, so you won't have to worry about smudging it on a long night out.
Mascara gives you extra long lashes for the night.

One of my personal favourite products!

Cathy Doll 2-in-1 Tinted Lip Gloss ($18)


Tint on the red end and gloss on the pink end for the sweet, natural pink look. This 2-in-1 Tinited Lip Gloss is fortified with L-Gluthathione and Vitamin C to brighten your lip colour and help you achieve healthy, luscious looking lips.
Directions: For luscious and healthy looking lips, apply the lip gloss followed by the lip tint. However, you can wear either on it's own!
***Available in 1 colour only

Cathy Doll Gluta Compact Powder ($18)

This Compact Powder is fortified with L-Gluthathione and Vitamin C Complex to help you achieve fairer, smoother complexion. It is enhanced with UVA &, UVB SPF 59PA+++ to protect your face from the sun. Glutha Pact Colour 21 will give you a brighter finish on top of your usual make-up regime and is more suitable for fairer skin. 
Directions: Apply the Gluta Compact Powder after Cathy Doll BB or CC cream for the ultimate flawless look.
***Available in 2 shades: 21 (Aura White) or 23 (Natural White)

Snow White Face Care

Cathy Doll 3-min Miracle Korean Eyes B-tox Serum *NEW* ($25)

Dolls with wrinkles? Fret not! We have the perfect thing for you here. This 3-min Serum would help to reduce your wrinkles in 3-min, and gives you an instant lifting effect! Use this before your makeup routine everyday.
Note: Each box contains 5 serum. Use 1 serum a day to attain the best results!

Cathy Doll Water Splash Essence ($18)


This special leave-on essence is invented by Dr Ji, a famous Korean cosmetologist, specially for the Asian skin. The Water Splash Essence is formulated with special Nano technology to revitalise your skin for a more radiant, healthy complexion.
Directions: Use amount appropriate for the size of your face. Massage onto the face in a circular motion, mineral water will form. Continue to massage until mineral water is absorbed fully into the skin. 
Highly recommended! Another of my favourite product I cannot live without.

Cathy Doll 24K Gold Pearl Powder Mask ($6 per packet)


Formulated with quality Korean fine gold dust and pearl dust to invigorate &, brighten skin. The gold mask also contains collagen that hydrates and firm up the skin. This helps to reduce wrinkles visibly. Vitamin C and fruit extracts are added to reduce dark spots caused by sun.
Directions: Mix half part water with one part gold mask powder. Mix well and apply on face evenly and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash off with water to reveal a fairer firmer skin.
Mix with water and use immediately.
**Each packet can be used to make approximately 4 masks, depending on individual use.

Cathy Doll Egg Soap ($18)
(AHA+Egg White & Red Clay)

The Egg White and AHA soap removes excess oil and blackheads from the face while lightening scars on skin. The Egg Shell soap is made of red clay that cleanses the skin and reduces pore size to increase skin vitality.
Directions: Lather the soap with your hands and use the foam to wash your face. We recommend using the AHA + Egg White soap first followed by the Red Clay soap for best result. 

(Charcoal & L-Gluthathione) 

Black charcoal egg soap removes impurities and excess oil. It detox the skin and prevent dullness. The Red L-Gluthathione soap with Vitamin C brightens up your skin and helps fight free radical to prevent premature aging of the skin. Suitable for acne prone skin.
Directions: Lather the soap with your hands and use the foam to wash your face. We recommend using the Charcoal soap first followed by the L-Gluthathione soap for best result.

BB and CC Cream

Cathy Doll CC Cream SPF 50PA+++ ($28)


Colour Control (CC) Cream is the ultimate all-in-one make up base filled with nutrients. 
CC Cream acts also as a brightener, moisturizer and sunblock. 
CC Cream is full of Vitamin C, Q10 hydrating factor and collagen to revitalize your skin. It uses the innovative Speed White technology to instantly brighten skin and cover pores, with a 12 hour oil control feature.
Do not fear that you would look like an alien after using the Green colour!!! Green colour dissolves into a very nice white skin colour, very suitable for dolls that are fairer. Dolls that are tanner would like to consider the Beige colour, as it would give you a nice lighter skin colour.
Directions: You can apply the Cathy Doll CC cream after your daily face care routine. CC Cream blends well with your own skin tone, giving you a natural and flawless look. Finish the look with Cathy Doll Gluta Compact Powder.

*** Available in Beige and Green

Cathy Doll Whitening BB Mousse ($25)

Ultra light BB snow mousse for a smoother, brighter look in one application. Its unique, light textured formula allows skin to breathe easily and covers pores magically. A great makeup base coupled with sun protection of SPF 58 PA+++.
Directions: 2 pumps would be sufficient for your entire face. Use with Cathy Doll Gluta Compact Powder for a flawless finish.

Cathy Doll BB Cream SPF59 PA+++ ($18)

Cathy Doll BB Cream contains a high concentration of L-Gluthathione to give you that ultimate flawless look. It moisturizes, smoothens and brightens the face in just one application. A great all-in-one makeup base with SPF 59PA+++ for sun protection.
Directions: You can apply the Cathy Doll BB cream after moisturizer or straight after toner. Finish the look with Cathy Doll Gluta Compact Powder.

Snow White Body Care

Cathy Doll Body Magic BB Cream SPF 130PA+++ ($25)

This product is like a body BB cream!
Extend the flawless, smooth complexion from face to the whole body. This super, magical BB cream is formulated with an additional 30% L-Gluthathione to brighten skin tones and hydrate skin. L-Gluthathione is known to effectively repair and restore skin condition, and prevent premature aging. Your body can now enjoys the full benefits of the BB cream just like your face. 
Directions: Apply on exposed skin to protect yourself from the sun. For best result, apply 20 minutes before going out into the sun.

Cathy Doll Body Snow Mask 100g ($25)


Instant Snow White Skin in 3 Mintues!
Cathy Doll Blink Blink Whitening Snow Mask is specially formulated in Korea with Nano powder technology to help you achieve snow white skin. It will give you smooth, flawless and snow white skin instantaneously! Experience the magic now!

Directions: Apply a thin layer on your skin in a circular motion. Wash off after 3 minutes. For best result, use after shower. 

Cathy Doll Exfoliating Peeling Gel ($16)


Reveal new layers of radiance. This peeling gel invigorates skin by removing impurities and dead skin. Formulated with L-Gluthathione and sea salt to lighten skin tone visibly. Say goodbye to rough, dull-looking skin and hello to radiant, smoother and brighter skin.
Directions: Apply desired amount onto the skin in a circular motion and rinse off with water. For best result, use after shower.

Cathy Doll Body Snow Cream ($20)

Cathy Doll Body Snow Cream gives you instant, radiant snow-white skin. It moisturizes and brightens skin to give you a smoother, fairer skin. It is fortified with L-Gluthathione and Vitamin C to lighten skin tone and prevent premature aging.